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Welcome to The Stormfallen Storyletter by me, Winston Malone. I’ve been writing fiction for over a decade and have been looking for a good way to connect with a passionate writing and reading community. Substack is that good way, and I look forward to publishing some entertaining content and stories.

I dabble in short fiction and flash fiction mostly, but sometimes I creep into poetry. I love writing science fiction and fantasy, but lately I’ve been trying to blur the lines.

I currently live in Salt Lake City, Utah and work full-time. I’m a veteran. I have a pup dog with one eye named Vinnie. I like investing my money in the stock market and collectibles. Writing is my hobby and so I don’t plan on becoming a full-time writer, but I have many characters and worlds in my head that I have to get out. I really hope you enjoy!

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World of Havek:

I’m currently working on a set of short stories that all share the same world called Havek. In this world, there are angels and demons, dragons, vampires, medieval knights, solar energy technologies, monsters, magic and much, much more! The stories span different ages along the planet’s vibrant timeline to include massive wars between factions, the dark period when light itself was snuffed out by beings known as the Vanquishers, and that time when a swamp town was terrorized by giant crocodiles.

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